D.K. MacKinnon

Crafting portfolio images for new and established models.

25 March 2015

I will be taking a break from model photography in May and June because my schedule is going to be hectic. I have a series of charity photobooths, travel in and outside the country, and will be switching my workflow from Aperture to Lightroom. I will be using April to finish out some projects, and anything not finished by the end of April will have to wait until after Canada Day.


TLOSH Photobooth @ Kidsfest - 11-12 April

TLOSH Photobooth @ Cornwall PopExpo - 18 April

TLOSH Photobooth @ Ottawa ComicCon 8-10 May

Travel to PEI - 15-19 May

TLOSH Photobooth @ Military Family Days - 6-7 June

Travel to Munich, Germany - 21-26 June

TLOSH Photobooth @ Aeronautical Museum - 1 July

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