Mixed-media Body Art

Body art can be created using a skin-safe adhesive to attach materials to the skin. The most common form of this are prosthetics, but many types of materials can be used. Some materials come with their own adhesive, such as gem body art sets, while others require an adhesive, typically liquid latex or spirit gum. Eyelash adhesive is commonly used and often has a latex base unless it is created specifically to be hypoallergenic. There are also medical-grade adhesives that can be applied using rollers, spray bottles, or brush.

Please enjoy my favourite photos! Galleries are along the right side and images (a mix of my own designs and collaborations with other artists) are below.

If you are interested in collaborating on body art and costuming projects complete my application form that provides a list of concepts from which you can select those that interest you.


Untitled photo

Collage (Body Art by M.K. Body Design)

Untitled photo


I've had a body art concept in my head for the past year and model @raeof_light was happy to bring it too life. I enlisted frequent collaborator John Glenn to provide studio space and lighting, then @nu_facesmakeup joined to provide makeup. @ashley.gorman.photography was, of course, on board as photography assistant. Artist @sawr_dnw arrived as we were building the design to help the crew complete speed its creation. With a few lighting tweaks we achieved can see the final results here, which pretty much matches what I had envisioned


Untitled photo

Nature Girl

Untitled photo


Untitled photo



Icy Holly Ivy

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