Boudoir Concepts

Most boudoir concepts require that the model be comfortable with either being partially or fully nude in the studio, or at least comforable in revealing clothing. It is recommended that, if in doubt, the model should bring a trusted escort.

Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette party-themed boudoir photoshoot. The concept would involve between 3 and 5 models, one of whom will be the bride.


Boudoir images set in a bathroom. Themes could include preparing to go out, preparing for bed, use of mirrors, shower or bathtub as the key prop.


Boudoir images where the bed is the central prop.


The classical boudoir image is the wedding night fantasy.


'Tis the season to be sexy. Playing with gift wrap, christmas lights... just about anything in a Christmas theme.


Boudoir in the kitchen can be a fun fantasy to play with.

Men's Cloths

A boudoir photoshoot can be done using men's shirts, ties, hats, or whatever else the model can think of.


Pearls are a classic adornment, whether combined with lingerie or worn on their own.


This concept plays with the concept of teasing the viewer, implying what you are about to reveal while retaining a bit of mystery. The idea is to draw the viewer's imagination in a particular direction.


Satin has long been associated with sex. This concept plays with the various uses of satin from outfit to bedsheets.

Two women

This concept plays on the typical male fantasy of being with two women, or the female fantasy of having a female lover. The focus, however, is implication and sensuality.

Under Covers

Playing with the concept of wearing little more than a bedsheet or coverlet.


Where the reveal concept played with the tease, undressing takes it one step farther to creating the fantasy of the strip-tease.

Valentine's Day

When this day rolls around, all thought invariably turn to things boudoir.


This concept plays on the idea of the unseen watcher.


As a counterpoint to the voyeur concept, watcher-in-view adds the viewer's proxy into the image. This can be combined with reveal or undress to tell a story.


Boudoir involving windows, real or simulated.

Assorted Boudoir Themes

An assortment of boudoir images that have yet to be sorted by theme.

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