Costuming Concepts

Belly Dancer

Belly dancing outfits can be a colourful, ranging from traditional to Vegas-style.

Chain and Scale maille

I occassionally make outfits out of scale maille and chainmaille.

Cloth-strip dress

A dress made of cloth strips, made famous in the 1960s by Raquel Welch in ghe movie "One Million Years BC".

Comfy Sweater

The comfy sweater gives the feeling of being warm and comfortable but can be worn to exude a confident sexuality.


Another quintessential male fantasy, it requires the model to create a powerful and dominant character.

Flower Dress

A dress made partially or entirely of flowers.


Goth is a post-punk subculture with Victorian influences.


Although there is some overlap with belly-dancing, the gypsy look is more layered with a focus on natural fabrics in earth tones.

Hippy Chic

This look is a modern spin on the 1960s and 1970s hippy look.

Hoods and Wraps

A variety of looks can be created just from different hoods and head wraps.


Masks can be used to create a variety of looks and moods.

Newsprint Dress

Dresses made of newsprint and paper.

Leaf Dress

Dresses made of partially or entirely of leaves. The character Poison Ivy is an example.

Ribbon Dress

A dress made of ribbons and bows. This one is popular at Christmas and Valentine's Day.

Rope Dress

The rope dress a dress made using rope braidework.

Shell Dress

The shell dress is the classic mermaid or south-sea islands outfit.

Star Trek

Costuming inspired by Star Trek.

Star Wars

Costuming inspired by Star Wars.


Steampunk has become popular recently, meshing science fiction with Victorian fantasy.

Super Heroes and Villians

Costuming based on specific or generic super heroes or villians.

Superman Shirt

Concepts built around a superman (or other super hero) shirt.

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