Photo Concepts

The following is a selection of general concepts for possible photoshoots. Each is linked to a Pinterest folder to provide a visual representation of what elements could feature in each concept. Some concepts are left purposefully vague, others are more focused. In all cases, the idea is not to recreate the images in the associated Pinterest folder but to create something unique using those images as a starting point for discussion.

All the folders can be found at:

Any concepts that have been done in the past are indicated by a sample image from a gallery on this site. Concepts without sample images have not been done yet. 

Body Art Concepts

This category covers a variety of body art from simple stick-on tattoos to collaborations with local body and makeup artists.

Boudoir Concepts

Boudoir is a popular genre allowing the model to be cast in her most sexy alluring self. 

Costuming Concepts

Costume-themed concepts, as simple or as elaborate as resources and creativity permit. 

Lighting Concepts

Photography is all about light: using it, controlling it, and sometimes removing it. These concepts cover a variety of common and creative lighting styles.

Pinup Concepts 

Pinup is a fun style that can be a particular modelling challenge. 

For resources on how to create the pinup look you can visit the Pinup Poses section of this site.

There is also a Pinterest folder of general pinup posing guides.

Assorted Concepts

A collection of concepts that I have not yet broken down by sub-theme. (under construction)

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