Pinup Concepts


Pinup themes, mostly implied, using various bathtime themes. Includes things like bubble-bath, tub, washbasin, and wrapped in a towel.

Beach and Nautical

Pinup concepts with a beach theme. They can be on the beach, wearing a swimsuit, or using beach toys


Boudoir and pinup go together well. In this concept, pinup images are created using a boudoir theme and clothing style.


Cars, particularly vintage cars, feature prominently in pinup images. These concepts require access to one or more vintage cars.

Elvgren Pinup

Gil Elvgren was a class pinup artist. This concept pulls from his extensive collection of art to produce images inspired by them.

Implied Nudes

The typical pinup images involves the model creating a character in varying states of undress. The concepts in this set require the model be comfortable with implied nudity, in which they may be partially or completely undressed in the studio but the final images will use various forms of obscuring.


Pinup applied to the 1950s-style housewife experiencing kitchen disasters.


Pinup arose out of the world war era so military-themed pinup is a common style.


Although most pinup images were left much to the imagination, some styles of pinup used full or partial nudity. These concepts would only be suitable for model comfortable with creating nude images.

Zombie Pinup

A subversive twist on the pinup theme, zombie pinups combine horror with pinup.

Assorted Pinup Concepts

This set is an assortment of uncategorized pinup concepts. As more specific pinup themes are created, images from this set are used to create themed sets.

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