The following are the makeup, body, and hair artists to whom I subcontract artistic services. You can either make arrangements with them directly at the rates their quoted rates or, for a small service fee, I can handle the arrangements for you.

In addition to the artists list below I also offer black tape design and application for those interested in creating a look similar to that seen in The Black Tape Project. Rates start at $100/design for custom designs or a $500 flat rate for a maximum of 10 generic designs for events. Allow 30 to 60 minutes per design application depending on the complexity. For custom designs allow up to one month for the design process in which I collaborate with the model and/or photographer through an iterative design process.

Afia Shah

Afia is owner of Afia B - Glam 'n Style (, which provides hair, special effects makeup, wedding makeup, party makeup, day makeup, evening makeup, and prom makeup. She is a certified freelance makeup artist from the Versailles Academy and has extensive experience providing makeup and hair services for everything from photo-shoots to fashion shows.

Ayesha Eckart

Ayesha has more than a decade of makeup experience primarily from her extensive work as a model. 

Caroline Duguay

Caroline is, together with model/Artist Mallory Smith, part-owner of MK Body Design (, which specializes in body art. Caroline is a certified Esthetician from the Versailles Academy, and is a highly-experienced model as well as being a makeup and body artist.  She favours darker and alternative makeup and art styles but is quite adept at creating a stunning glamour look. She also has experience doing special effects makeup, specializing in horror themes.

When she is not working as a makeup or body artist she can also be hired as a model.

Caroline Lecours Savoury

Caroline is owner and operator of Makeup by Caroline (, and started as a makeup artist to help others enhance their inner-most beauty. She is a certified makeup artist, who studied at the Versailles Academy. Her specialties are wedding, special events, glamour and boudoir. She also does creative and alternative makeup and has extensive experience doing makeup for events and photoshoots.

Myriam Cyr

Myriam is owner and operator of BeauteOptic ( and provides both makeup and body art services. Born and raised in Northern Ontario, the great outdoors has helped her foster a great love for nature and all it’s beauty. Her involvement in the Arts at school has made her realize that being creative and making others feel good about themselves would define her life goals. 

Shannon Artiste

Shannon is owner and operator of Shannon Artiste's Creations & Modeling (, and works as both a makeup artist and hair stylist. She studied hair and aesthetics at La Cité collégiale, and has has experience both as a model and an artist so can lend words of advice to aspiring models. As a makeup artist she has been involved in everything from fashions shows to proms, bridal events to photoshoots. She also has experience coordinating events so is an excellent contact for models looking to find friendly faces in the modelling industry.

When she is not working as an artist she can also be hired as a model.

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