Make-up and Body Artists - Hair Stylist

  • Contact name: Caroline Savoury
  • Company name: Makeup by Caroline

  • Hair: Can curl hair and do basic looks if required

  • Per-look Charge (typical): $50 for returning photographers/models, $65 for general public. $50 + cost recovery for creatives, $20 for hair
  • Specialty Looks: wedding, Glam, pinup and creatives

Last updated: 2014-11

  • Contact name: Emily Darling
  • Company name: Darling Art

  • Body Art: Depends on what is required

  • Per-look Charge (typical): $50 per look
  • Specialty Looks: Smokey eye. Rock N Roll, Beauty, Creative

Last updated: 2014-11

  • Contact name: Amanda Brathwaite
  • Company name: Sol Mist

  • Hair: Light hairdo's, straighten back comb, curls

  • Per-look Charge (typical): $55 to $75
  • Specialty Looks: Spray tan, airbrush tattoo

Last updated: 2014-11

  • Contact name: Erica Wright
  • Company name: Erica Wright MUA

  • Per-look Charge (typical): $50-$75
  • Specialty Looks: Beauty, Bridal, and Creatives

Last updated: 2013-12

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