Bridal Posing

Pye Jirsa: Posing Tips for Women On An Engagement Shoot

See Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop: Pose Guidance for Her for more details.

Tip #1: Ask if She Has a Preferred Side. If they don't have one shoot the side with the hair part.

Tip #2: Bring out the Curves. Make sure the hip is kicked away from the camera

Tip #3: Play with Leg Positioning

Tip #4: Avoid Placing Arms Against the Body. This causes the arms to flatten and look larger

Tip #5: Tilt the Heads Towards Each Other.

Jana Williams: Tips on Posing Brides

Tip #1: Whatever is closer to the camera will look bigger.

Tip #2: Put all your weight on one leg to make them look more comfortable, enough that they could lift one leg.

Tip #3: Do something with hands other than having them in front of their stomach (makes them look like they are in pain).

Tip #4: If wearing shorts or a skirt, turn on knee in to makes the legs narrower than the hips.

Pye Jirsa: Bridal Posing Critique

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