Posing Female Models for Lifestyle

Jana Williams: Posing outdoor portrait

Tell the model where the light is coming from.

When moving, move in slow motion.

When walking, cross the legs to create a line.

Looking off-camera will give a photo-journalistic look.

Tell the model what you are shooting (eg. full body, etc.)

When shooting from the side, keep hair off side of neck toward the camera to give the impression of a longer neck.

Use story-telling as part of the direction.

Jessica Whitaker: 15 Posing Mistakes to Avoid

Tip #1: When posing with hair movement, avoid having the model pull the hair too far out. Just play with the ends of the hair to maintain the hair shape.

Tip #2: Leaning forward can add movement to the image.

Tip #3: Have the model bend their limbs. Wherever possible, create shapes using limb bending.

Tip #4: Avoid "squishing" body parts against each other  as it makes the limb appear bigger (eg. keep arms slightly out from the body)

Tip #5: Avoid having the palm  or back of the hand face the camera directly. Turn the hand to the side so that the hand is oblique to the camera to that it the palm and fingers can create shapes.

Tip #6: if wearing a skirt, play with the bottom of the skirt using fingertips to create movement, flowing it out to the side. Movement can be enhanced by moving hips side-to-side.

Tip #7: Avoid having the landscape cut through the head.

Tip #8: Avoid having pieces of hair crossing the neck.

Tip #9: Avoid having elements appear to "grow" out of the model's head.

Tip 10: #Shooting through an object can add an interesting element. Make sure there is light coming through the object. 

Tip #11: Avoid cropping one shoulder out of the shot. Show more of the body rather than less so it can be cropped symmetrically late as needed.

Tip #12: If the horizon is visible, make sure the camera is aligned to the horizon. You can use the grid feature.

Tip #13: Hold the lens parallel to the ground and slightly lower to capture what the viewer sees.

Tip #14: With backlit images, err on being underexposed.

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