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Pye Jirsa: Foundation Posing - How to Pose Regular Couples

For male models:

- Feet (foundation) shoulder-width apart wth toes pointed slightly out. Angle hips WRT camera.

- Hands avoid mirroring. eg. have one with thumb in pocket and the other out.

- Curve lower lumbar spine. Imagine string pulling spine up straight.

- Breath in before each shot to expand the chest.

For female model:

- For strong, as above but kick hip out.

- For soft, bring feet together, bring one foot onto toe, kick the other hip out, and bring now-bent knee across the straight knee to create an hour-glass hip shape (wide hips, narrow knees).

- Keep elbows away from the body. eg. on the bent leg, place hand and draw fingers back to create a bend in the elbow.

- lumbar curve and straight spine.

For couple:

Pose #1: V-Up - Shoulders make a V in the back, angle hips to make outside closer to camera

Imagine where shoulders are touching as a hinge and "open" or "close" the angle for different poses.

Pose #2: Close pose - both models "close" the hinge and hold hands with chests facing each other ("closed" from the camera"

Pose #3: Open pose - both models "open" the hinge and have shoulders in line facing the camera

Pose #4: Stacked pose - Shorter model's back to the taller model's chest, then the front model steps slightly to the side to expose the back model.

Pose #5: Reversed pose - taller model puts back to camera, front model faces camera and hugs taller model's arm. Taller model looks to the shorter model.

Pye Jirsa: Foundation Posing - The Close Up - Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop

Photographer: Pye Jirsa

See Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop: The Close-Up & Close-Up Demonstration for more details.

Have the couple face each other and “close” the gap in between them.

Have them looking at each other for more intimacy.

Things to watch:

- "Shrimp Cocktail" (Tangled interlocked) Fingers. Instead, have hands overlap

- Tired smiles. Take plenty of breaks

- Watch the chins. The taller person may form a "double chin" so have them bring it up slightly.

Pye Jirsa: Foundation Posin - The V Up

See Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop: The V-Up & V-Up Demonstration for more details.

The shoulders of the couple touch and they bodies make a “V”.

The shoulders in the back will act like a door hinge that can be "opened" or "closed"

Jamie Delaine Watson: How to Pose a Couple Naturally

Give specific posing instructions, particular where to put the hands.

Talk constantly to give reassurance to the client (Silence gives space for client to self-doubt).

Give lots of positive feedback.

If something doesn't work, don't mention it, just move onto something else.

Switch things up frequently so that a pose doesn't get "stale".

Pye Jirsa: 5 Reasons Your Couples Portraits May Look Awkward

Problem #1: Isopraxism (Mirroring) - Couples mirroring each other can look forced and awkward. Have each person do something slightly different

Problem #2: Hips are apart - "Ass-out" hug, indicating a lack of comfort with each other. Bring hips together.

Problem #3: Awkward hand positions

Problem #4: Tight grips - eg. one or both balling fists from nervousness or one is "clutching" the other. Have them shake out the hands and use a loose grip. Avoid closing all the fingers; give some room.

Problem #5: Splayed fingers - Gives multiple "points" out of frame. Bring fingers closer together for a common direction.

Bonus: Give directorial cues for poses.

Pye Jirsa: Here's Why Hand Placement Matters When Posing Couples

Natural pointers comprise all the limbs

See Wedding Workshop Four | Photographing The Couple: Here’s Why Hand Placement Matters When Posing Couples for details.

Tip #1: Avoid a Stray Pointer

Tip #2:  Ditch the Prom Pose

Tip #3: Create Intimacy

Tip #4:  Use the Open Pose

Tip #5:  Avoid Distracting Hand Placement

Jana Williams: Tips for Posing Couples Naturally

Standing pose

Facing each other, male model places hands around small of the bacl   and pull in to create curves at her back.

Female model place hand/arm on camera side softly on his arm to avoid "flaring" her arm.

Jana Williams: Posing Couples for Photoshoots 2

Walking poses

For male models:

- Walk one foot in front of the other

- Give them something to do with their hands

- Look at the female model

For female models:

- One foot in front of the other, taking small steps

- Shoulders relaxed and neck relaxed

- If standing, turn one knee in to create the "hourglass"

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