Posing Male Models

Pye Jirsa: 5 Simple Posing Tips For Men

Goal: Expand presence and masculinity

Tip #1: Open stance with feet shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out.

Tip #2: Shift the hip to one side for a more "natural" stance

Tip #3: Breath in to expand the chest and contract the stomach

Tip #4: Relax the shoulders and let them hang back.

Tip #5: Give the hands something to do.

Pye Jirsa: Give Men A Chiseled Jawline In 3 Simple Steps

Step #1: Extend the neck just enough to tighten the skin around the jaw, but not so far as to "turtle".

Step #2: Turn the chin into the light. Places the broad side of the jaw into shadow to create contrast and definition.

Step #3: Adjust the chin up or down as needed to achieve the right look.

Add the expression to suit the mood.

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