Posing Tips for Models

Sorelle Amore: Why You Look Ugly in Photos - And 6 Ways to Fix it

Tip #1: Learn to Photograph Yourself

Tip #2: Learn to Pose

Tip #3: Retouching Your Photographs

Tip #4: Best Clothing For Your Body Shape

Tip #5: Your Best Colours

Tip #6: Embrace What Yo Momma Gave You

Sorelle Amore: How To Look Good In EVERY Photo...For Non Models

Tip #1: Practise is your best friend

Tip #2: Framing of the image is extremely important otherwise the whole photo will look off

Tip #3: Practise your facial expressions also. Leave the no expression look to the professional models.

Tip #4: Make micro adjustments in every single photo

Tip #5: Take LOTS of photos of yourself using burst mode

Tip #6: Practise your facial expressions lots

Tip #7: PERSPECTIVE! If you don't know about this, it will CHANGE your life.

Tip #8: Tell a story, move away from the camera.

Tip #9: Watch you don't over edit

Tip #10: Use great light

Tip #11: I forget...also, these tips aren't in order. Almost!

Tip #12: Engage QUEEN MODE. My weird but effective tip to instantly get sky high confidence.

Sorelle Amore: Why You Look FAT In Photos - And 6 Ways To Fix It

Curves can be more challenging to pose and lead to people thinking of themselves as "fat". 

Tip #1: Don't follow the fashion trends

Tip #2: Patterns and colours

Tip #3: Body Position in Relation to the Camera

Tip #4: Double Chin Dilemma

Tip #5: Squishy Problem.

Tip #6: Learn to Pose

Jana Williams: Tips on How to Pose in a Photograph

Find your best side, typically the side away from your part.

Everything closer to the camera is enlarged so arrange your body to put parts to minimize away from the camera.

If doing a laugh, make sure to keep the neck open.

Positive self-talk.

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