Sitting Poses

Pye Jirsa: How to Fix Sitting Posing Mistakes

Feet: Sitting back flattens the hips. Sit at the edge of the chair. Take the weight off the thighs.

Legs: For "masculine" (read: strong) pose, open the legs to broaden the profile. For "feminine" (read: soft) pose, narrow the legs to diminish the profile.

Spine: Straighten the spine to add height. Imagine a string pulling them to the ceiling. Then hinge from the hip into the pose.

Hands: Avoid "mirroring" the hands (eg, flat palms on the thighs).

Wrists: Avoid 90-degree bend. Use a "soft" bend"

Face: Avoid pressing hands into face

Camera Angle (position of camera WRT face): eye level = neutral, above eye level is "soft", below eye level is "dominant". Tall people interpreted as strong and dominant, short people as approachable and friendly

Chin and Eyes: Chin low with eyes looking up into the camera opens up the eyes gives approachable look. Chin up and eyes looking down into camera gives "arrogant", confident, or proud look.

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