Sitting Poses

Pye Jirsa: How to Fix Sitting Posing Mistakes

Feet: Sitting back flattens the hips. Sit at the edge of the chair. Take the weight off the thighs.

Legs: For "masculine" (read: strong) pose, open the legs to broaden the profile. For "feminine" (read: soft) pose, narrow the legs to diminish the profile.

Spine: Straighten the spine to add height. Imagine a string pulling them to the ceiling. Then hinge from the hip into the pose.

Hands: Avoid "mirroring" the hands (eg, flat palms on the thighs).

Wrists: Avoid 90-degree bend. Use a "soft" bend"

Face: Avoid pressing hands into face

Camera Angle (position of camera WRT face): eye level = neutral, above eye level is "soft", below eye level is "dominant". Tall people interpreted as strong and dominant, short people as approachable and friendly

Chin and Eyes: Chin low with eyes looking up into the camera opens up the eyes gives approachable look. Chin up and eyes looking down into camera gives "arrogant", confident, or proud look.

Lindsey Adler: Master Essential Female Photography Poses

Start with person seated comfortably.

Check posture as a last step. When seated the head can sink between the shoulders so have them bring shoulders back and  head up. Difference between leaning and slouching.

Negative space: need to see where the body ends. Avoid having arm completely block view of back

If leaning back on arm, if they put weight it the upper arm expands. Avoid leaning on the arm.

Avoid palm faced to camera as it creates a large white space. Turn hand to side or put under hair.

Places where eye goes:

- biggest

- brightest colour eg. use bright colours to draw the eye where you want it

- area of highest contrast eg. hand on black clothing

- sharpest part

For curve when lying on side, have top knee brought over bottom leg to create more curve. Also, angle legs back from camera line and upper body closer to make upper body more prominent and backside smaller. 

Lying on stomach, also bring upper body forward.

- watch hunching. Push up on arms, and the widen the base to reduce how much they have to push up.

- watch feet in the background. Idea is to have body at 45 degrees, cross ankles to separate feet

- 45 degree brings upper body forward to emphasize bust and reduce hips.

If hair is long, pull hair from side toward camera to make the neck look longer.

If in chair, turn the chair with the back slightly toward camera to force a body twist and hide any tummy issues. Can also straddle chair.

Order of checking

- comfort

- elongate

- negative space

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