Wedding Couple Posing

Pye Jirsa: Goals For Wedding Couples Poses

See Wedding Workshop Four | Photographing The Couple: Goals for Posing Wedding Couples Portraits for more details.

For men

Stronger stances: having equal weight in both legs and placing legs hip distance apart. Have your subject roll his shoulders back to readjust posture.

Lower angles: photographing subjects from a lower angle asserts dominance.

Harder light: men can handle harder shadows and brighter highlights so there is no need to diffuse any additional light or place them in shaded areas.

More shadows: the deeper and more apparent the shadows, the moodier the image. This plays around with the point mentioned above, that men can handle a bit harsher of a light so the increase in shadows isn’t as off-putting to men as it is to females.

For Women

Softer stances: keep the weight on the feet light as to not lock the knees and create tension. Have your subject roll her shoulders back and down to create better posture.

Higher angles: photographing the bride top-down is a flattering vantage point rather than shooting from below (no one wants pictures of what the inside of their nose looks like).

Softer light: diffusion and window light are your best friends when it comes to bridal portraits.

Less shadows: harsh light tends to enhance the appearance of blemishes and therefore isn’t the best condition for photographing the bride.

Jana Williams: How to Direct Couples for Wedding Portraits

Tip #1: Encourage the couple. Constantly engage with them and don't stay quiet.

Tip #2: Believe in what you say. No matter what pose you suggest, be positive about it.

Tip #3: Show them what you say. Reinforce verbal direction with actions.

Pye Jirsa: Foundation Posing - 9 Quick and Easy Wedding Poses

See 10 Basic Poses for Wedding Photographers for more details.

Pose #1: The V-Up

Pose #2: Opened Up

Pose #3: Closed Up

Pose #4: Stacked

Pose #5: The Swing

Pose #6: The Carry

Pose #7: Staggered Couple

Pose #8: Meet in the Middle

Pose #9: The Walk

Pose #10: The Dip

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