Model and Photographer Resources

This is a collection of resources for models and photographers. These resources are being created primarily for me to record what I learn, as well as to provide a resource for others. These pages are almost constantly under construction and revision so will always be in varying states of completion.

There are many styles of model photography. In this section we review the terms used to describe the different types of photography models can do.

The posing guide is divided into general posing rules, glamour poses, pinup poses, boudoir poses, facial expressions, and action poses. Each posing instruction set is designed as a "pose kata", meant to be practiced as part of a sequence until the model or photographer is comfortable with them. The idea is that, in practice, the model or photographer can pull elements from the sequence as needed, or use them when they need something for inspiration.

A summary of the different levels of nudity and eroticism that may requested of models. If you are a model, it is imperative what the photographer may be asking of you with regard to how much or little you wear (nudity level) or how provocative you may be expected to me (eroticism level). 

A guide to lighting techniques for single strobe, strobe+reflector, and multi-strobe setups (Under construction).

How the Copyright Act affects model photographers in Canada. 

A sample of my standard model release for non-commercial TF (Trade For Print/Image/Photo/etc.) photoshoots.

Frequently asked questions about your photoshoot. This is primarily designed for people new to modelling but may also be useful to experienced models who have never worked with me.

A place for me to store interesting and useful articles from the Internet. (Constantly being revised).

Ideas and themes for future photoshoots (Constantly being revised and modified).

Where to go if you are a model seeking photographers, a photographer seeking models, or just some place to display your work to the local community.

If you need an artist to remake a model into the style needed for a shoot, these are the people to contact.

Studios available for rental or through special arrangement with the owner. Some will have lighting available, others require you to bring your own lights.

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