Glamour Poses

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Glamour photography is often the first genre of model photography most photographers and models are introduced to. Here, we consider glamour photography and posing to be the "basics" of posing. It is a genre with the broadest appeal, involves no nudity (rarely even implied), and generates images that can be broadly distributed. In essence, they are the easiest images for a model or photographer to use to promote themselves.

For an example of Glamour poses, feel free to use my Glamour Poses Pinterest board for reference.

How to Create a Glamour Pose
In this section, we apply the Rules to create poses that are typical of glamour poses. We use classic public-domain glamour images as examples of the pose.

I have arranged the poses in an order that should facilitate progressing through them in sequence. If you start with the first pose left, the proceed left-to-right down through the poses, each should require only a small adjustment in the pose.  

The clothing shown is simply the choice of the original artist (indicated below the picture if you want to find more of their work for reference). Feel free to use your own choice of wardrobe and props. What I recommend you use for a typical practice session is:
- high heels
- stocking
- floor-length dress, preferably low-cut in front
- scarf or material for draping, holding, etc.
- Chair with a back, preferably solid but light.

Explanations are provided for each set images so that the model and photographer can work through the key elements and try variations. I have attempted to highlight possible problem areas associated with some poses and suggest possible solutions. Bear in mind that every body is different so some poses will work for some models but not others. Try them, note the ones that work as well as the ones that don't: the model can use this information when building their repertoire of poses.

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