Body Art

Body art involves the model becoming a canvas for the artist. This excludes other forms of art photography such as fine-art nudes in which the body itself is considered the artwork. This theme includes not only material applied to the body, but also includes using the body to display costuming that are themselves artworks.

Please enjoy my favourite photos! Galleries are along the right side and selected images are below.

2012 Liquid Latex Workshop

Untitled photo

2015 Black Tape

Untitled photo

2016 Black Tape

Glitter Gold Glam

2018 Lung Cancer Fundraiser

I didn't think to take an image of the black tape design I did for model Mylee at this weekend's Swimsuits for Lung Cancer Awareness, but Greg Clarke was kind enough to let me use his to show my creation.  The site and much of the makeup work for the event was provided by Michelle Brennan. Some of the models were provided by Ottawa Model Management. My co-conspirators in this were, as usual, Jack Checkowy and William Washington.<br />
<br />
Photographer: Greg Clarke<br />
Body art: David MacKinnon<br />
Model: @raeof_light<br />
Management:@ottawamodelmanagement <br />
Makeup/Hair: @nu_facesmakeup<br />
Site: @michelle.brennan.mua

2016 Liquid Latex

Untitled photo

2015 Statue Workshop

Untitled photo

2014 Old Mill Fetish Workshop

IMG_3043 - Version 2


Untitled photo


Untitled photo


Untitled photo
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